A Season of Healing and Light

…my spiritual gifts do not seem to include the gift of solar spirituality. Instead, I have been given the gift of lunar spirituality, in which the divine light available to me waxes and wanes with the season.

I love the week after Easter probably more than Easter weekend itself, which could sound dangerously sacrilegious to some of you, but hear me out. Holy Week is a commemoration of victory for our Lord and Savior, and as a result, Easter Sunday is a culmination of this victory that always seems a bit more joyous than most Sundays. Children are like 3 times more adorable than usual in all of those pastels, candy is everywhere, bluebonnets are like magical portrait backgrounds from God, the sun seems brighter, or even if its raining its not a dreary rain, it’s a refreshing rain–a rain that brings new life. Bunnies are relevant… I could go on. My point is that after Easter an atmosphere of bliss, contentment, and sweetness seems to fill the air, and I just love that feeling.

I have learned a lot of things this past year, about people and myself, and it has been a seriously rough journey at times. Barbra Brown Taylor wrote a book entitled Learning to Live in the Dark, and I quote a sentence from her book above. I like this quote because it epitomizes things that I have been trying to describe about my faith for a very long time. Throughout this year of seemingly dichotomous seasons, I have felt God’s divine light wax and wane into my life, and for a long time the idea that I may not have a perfect faith base scared me. It scared me to think that I could have stark seasons of apathy and doubt towards God as well as seasons of joy, praise, and serious connection to Him. But as this Holy Week comes to an end, I find an uncharacteristic peace. A peace regarding my insecurities about the inevitability of dark patches both in life and in my heart. A peace with chapters in my life that ended this last year, or even were abruptly closed. A spirit of peace and gratitude in light of the beautiful moments and people that found their way to me when I desperately needed them this year, and a peace with looming uncertainties.

Jesus’ resurrection was a new beginning for humanity, and the end of Holy Week, especially this year, marks a new chapter in my life as well, a season of healing and light–a spring.

afterlight (1)

Only Human

After those parking tickets, that quiz that was so deceivingly simple it’s comical how miserably I failed it, the reading I neglected yesterday, and the awkward piles of clothes that are draped over, I’m pretty sure, all of my furniture, it’s really easy to let feelings of inadequacy and discouragement overcome my motivation for excellence and success.

This song came on my iTunes Radio today, however, and reminded me that you know what, “I’m only human.” We’re all only human. I can’t ace every quiz, and I can’t be perfect, and neither can you! Let us all rejoice in our infallibility because we have someone on our side whose vocation it is to be perfect for us. Give your burdens to the King like I just did, jam to this song, and have a happier Monday!


I primarily used this blog to document my recent trip to Russia, but you know what, friends, I’m not finished here! We all have a story to tell, and chapters are not written only when we have bizarre opportunities like spending a month in Russia, they’re written everyday–through the mundane, the laughs over things that really shouldn’t be funny, the 2am study sessions–through our general struggle to make it to the next day with a little bit accomplished, and a lot of memories to cherish. I am going to start sharing my story with you, and continue what I’ve already begun.

This week we ha…

This week we have been going to the hospital that we went to at the beginning of the trip. Tomorrow morning is our last day there, and our last day serving in Russia. Bittersweet <3.

 Week 3


Our last week serving with an orphanage here in Russia was a lot of fun, and the children were precious. They loved craft time and their playground. However, this week was also challenging in ways that we had not faced before. Many of the kids that we spent the majority of our time with had behavioral problems, which made trying to keep up with them difficult. I think the most difficult thing was understanding that the caretakers of these kids, although sweet ladies, did not have the knowledge or stamina to properly deal with the children who had obvious behavioral issues. We were able to do a few Bible stories with the kids though, and really enjoyed our time with them. A sweet little boy named André is in the picture above.

Last Orphanage

We spent our last official week of serving with a group of orphans who were currently living on a summer campsite. This is a group of them as they were saying bye to us at the end of the week.